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Step by Step Tantra Mediation for friends

Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Our secret (Re)Connect recipe is that we not only help you reconnect with your senses through movement, but also through the ancient practice of Tantra.

Here is an easy Step by Step guide to do this meditation on your own!

This duo meditation has a 3 connection points:

Connection point #1- Touch : Students gently put one hand on the other’s heart, as this touch will instantly release oxytocin in the body which is the hormone of happiness!

Students then place their other hand on top of the other’s hand on their heart, sealing this energy flow, with the intention to have this positive, happy energy circulate between one and the other.

Connection point #2- Breath :

Students then start breathing together; It is a nasal breath, so mouth stays close, and students should construct the back of their throat so on the exhale, a whistle like sound is emitted.

Both student should be able to ear each other’s breath.

Inhaling together, the intention is to Take In this happy energy circulating between them both; and on the exhale the intention is to Give this beautiful energy to the other, make it circulate through the body to the other, as well as letting go of any expectations.

Connection point #3- Eye Contact : This is the one usually found the most challenging part; The ”eyes is the mirror to the soul”, but it is very hard to let others see us, right in our eyes, feeling naked, vulnerable... That feeling of acceptance, trust and surrender that comes from the eye connection completes the meditation.

There is a technique to this eye contact to make it a soft gaze, as you do not want to look intensely directly into their eyes, you want to be able to see the surroundings of your meditation partner with your full proof vision whilst looking into their eyes.

Breathing together and holding the 2 other points of contact for a few minutes at the same time will allow a to create a connection with the other on another level.

If you would like to learn more and start your journey to better your connections, join us on our next retreat!

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