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"Introduction to Acro Yoga and Tantra" Workshop Recap!

Updated: May 23, 2018

We hosted a (Re)Connect intro workshop! Here is how it went down and what you can expect when you join us on one of our paradise retreats!

The Reconnect HQ is based in busy Sydney, Australia. Even though it might seem like a relaxed city to holidayers, Sydney is a big city hub where you can also easily get caught up in the daily commute – work – sleep – repeat grind, that leaves us exhausted and sometimes feeling a bit empty… That is that feeling of always connected disconnection that we are passionately fighting against!

So, last week, the ReConnect team held an Introduction to Acro Yoga and Tantra workshop, this is a little behind the scenes of how it went down and what you can expect when you join us on one of our paradise retreats!

1- It’s all about (Re)Creating Trust & Awareness

We were so lucky to have a beautiful group of 21 students come along to the workshop, willing to get out of their comfort zone and try something new with us.

Most people didn’t know each other before the workshop and never tried Acro! Finding balance is hard enough as it is alone, so imagine trying to make movement and balance with a “stranger”.

So we started out with a fun warm up session, getting set for our practice but also breaking the ice!

One of the first exercise we did as a group was a Trust Fall. If you haven’t tried it before, this one is great as you have to work with gaging body weights which is important when calibrating before any acro session, keeping a straight shape for the person “falling” which is fundamental for a “flyer” in acro, and most of all, creating trust & confidence.

It is also one of the first experimentation with lifting someone up in the class, and it introduces the concept that almost anyone can lift up anyone regardless of their weight if their bones are stacks properly and using the right technique (within limits but you get the idea).

So now that we were all friends, it was time to do some acro!

2- The Acro Connection : Learning to Base, Fly & Spot

We always work in groups of 3: The base who is lifting, the flyer who is, well.. being lifted, and the spotter who is there to ensure that the flyer is safe at all times, ready to catch them if need be. This is the Robin to your batman, and most important person in the trio (I said it!)

The beauty is that everyone got to take turn in each “role” and was expecting to prefer one other the other but a lot of the time, the strong boys basing surprised themselves enjoying getting some time in the air, flying majestically!

We learned a few of the fundamental poses and transitions in a couple of hours and most where astonished that:

1- They could do it!

2- How quick it was to pick up

3- How much fun they were having in the process!

They were definitely not strangers anymore, but partner in creating movements!

Everyone was on a high and some were even left speechless ;)

The thai massage component is also a big aspect of the acro yoga practice so to star our cool down we introduced a partner stretch pose that was very much enjoyed by all!

3- Ending our practice with a tantra meditation

Our secret (Re)Connect recipe is that we not only help you reconnect with your senses through movement, but also through the ancient practice of Tantra.

So to end this beautiful workshop we did a Tantra meditation for friends (that can be done with anyone in your entourage that you wish to connect with, it isn’t a lovers meditation).

This duo meditation has a 3 connection points:

Connection point #1- Touch

Connection point #2- Breath

Connection point #3- Eye Contact

Breathing together and holding the 2 other points of contact at the same time for a few minutes allowed us to create a connection with each other on another level.

If you would like to know more about this meditation, it is detailed in this blog post : "Step by Step Tantra Mediation for friends"


A week on, we have seen our little students coming to the local jam, keen to further their knowledge of the practice, I had a lot of private messages asking me for a follow up Tantra workshop and best of all, most of them connected, kept in touch and are now friends.

Check out our next retreat here, and join the fun!

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