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Exercising at Home

Lockdown Day Retreat

A fun-active day to Recharge, Relax & Reboot Your Lockdown Life

Do it ANYTIME, In the Comfort of your HOME
Lockdown life got you feeling caged, purposeless, disconnected? What day is it anyway..? Is it 11 am yet? Have you explored every walking path in your 5km radius or, you don’t even know how to interact with people anymore? I have experienced pretty much all of the above, you’re not alone! This is why I have teamed up with an amazing crew to bring you a day to remember.

If you're craving a bit of an escape, looking to unplug from this lockdown, recharge your batteries and have a bit of fun trying new things, we have put together the perfect day for you!

Join Amber Gouzy, Marine Geraud, and Danilo Bueno on a 1-day retreat to tease your adventurous side and fill your cup. We offer you a balanced mix of playful and grounding activities accessible from the comfort of your home or in your favourite outdoor spot!


Hint: Think mindfulness techniques, playful inversions, solo or partner workouts and more!

Do the full day or do each class at your convenience

Our Day Together

Been feeling a bit stressed, restless, uneasy and lost in those times of uncertainty? So have we.
Imagine waking up on the day of our virtual retreat, it will be a beautiful sunny day and after your flavoursome morning coffee you login to find a bunch of other cool cats on the private facebook group, all pumped and ready to share a beautiful day together. 


We are meeting for a grounding and energising morning priming meditation which will be hosted in nature to help you feel like you’re evading. This is going to be a good day!
You already feel re-energised and ready to tackle the next workshop, a hot bootey workout to make these activewear we now live in hit different! ;) 
All fired up from the bootey camp, you feel more ready than ever to learn to see things from a different angle… The upside-down angle to be exact! This playful class has you in full excitement and disbelief that you were able to achieve so much so quickly. You’re an inversion superstar!! By now.. You are mastering that retreat dance too!

Time for a well-deserved lunch break, maybe in the sun if you are able to go to an outside area, your retreat hosts have shared some yummy recipes to nourish those muscles you didn’t even know you had!
Let the afternoon kick-off.  You’re now invited to join the mindful Tantra circle to learn and discuss the art of connecting to yourself more deeply than ever before.

Finally, to wind down the day before hitting the bottle of cool wine (because it is all about balance ;) You welcome the gentle Yin practice with a closing meditation specifically designed to help you balance your inner emotional world. 

As the retreat closes and you go on with your Sunday afternoon, you can hardly believe you had such a great day in lockdown and are now part of such a nice online community. 

You can’t wait to meet some of them in real life once allowed!

Our Day Together

Journey to ReConnect

Journey to ReConnect...


How great would it be to be able to maintain a productive day whilst cultivating a healthy body and mind in lockdown?

Pretty amazing right!
With a wide range of both energy building and grounding movement practices, you’ll reconnect with your body like you haven't in a while!

In only a couple of hours, you’ll feel re-energised and ready to reboot your lockdown life so you can keep being as busy WFH, Banana bread Baking or Netflix binging as you like without having to worry about burning out!

How good would it be to be able to take a break from lockdown, whilst staying active and without "essential walks" FOMO?

Sure, you’ll get to chill this Sunday, but we will also “get physical” with a mix of fun sporting activities, you will get to not only deeply de-stress but also have a lot of fun!

Helping you find your right balance so you never get FOMO again for the rest of this lockdown!

Wise, Wild & Free Flyer Offer (4)_edited

This at-home escape will not only help you to disconnect from the stress of the last few months and the WFH pressure but help you reconnect with yourself, nature and others as well as cultivate your sense of playfulness!

We guarantee a blissful (and wild) experience, sprinkled with lots of fun and laughter that will recharge your batteries to the max! And… You might even learn to handstand!


Detailed Schedule

Retreat at your convenience, in the comfort of your home! Choose to do a full day or break it down.​

  • Primal Morning (30 Min) 
    Morning Mindfulness practice: Our morning routine will teach you how to prime yourself for the best day, build energy that you will be carrying all day long through Qigong movements, fire breaths and meditation methods.


  • Bootey Jail Camp (45 Min) 
    A 45min boot camp style “at home” practice focused on glute and core, sure to make you break a sweat whilst sculpting your peach perfect! This requires minimum equipment so, no gym, no excuse!


  • Upside (lock)Down (1h30 to 1h45)  
    A playful Intro to Inversions class where we will guide you through some drills for our fave inversions!  Learn the playful, empowering, trust-building art of getting upside down by yourself or with a partner in a fun and safe way! Through strength warm-up, mobility drills, trust solo or partner exercises and body awareness and conditioning drills, we will teach you the foundations and explore poses such as Crow, Headstand and Handstand. Never been upside down before? Lockdown is your chance! Already walking on your head? You can never have too many drills in your conditioning bag of tricks! 


  • That's Fire! Tantra 101 (45 Min) 
    This short snapshot will be a crash-course introduction to the sacred art of Tantra for intimacy! If you have been to my longer intro to tantra workshops before, this will be a good reminder but I will also approach different content, focusing on the foundations of tantra, and will give some practical tips on how to reach better pleasure and intimacy.


  •  Stay Yin (1H) 
    A gentle Yin class to finish the day and wind down before we open some wine to celebrate the end of the retreat! Yin is a powerful practice that creates a connection to your body in a whole new way, going deep into the fascia (below the muscles) for very deep releases, observing emotions flowing, all through long passive holds in gentle yoga poses. We will end with a beautiful meditation on how to balance our inner emotional world in those difficult times.

What's Included:
  • Unlimited Access to all workshops :

    • 5 Workshops

    • 5.5 Hours of teachings (Pre-Recorded)

    • 3 Qualified coaches

  • BONUS: Access to the Retreat private Facebook group

  • BONUS: Retreat recipes to fuel yourself throughout the day if you wish 

  • BONUS: Access to the teachers curated playlist keeping you flowing through each class

  • BONUS: Access to our Retreat Dance Routine tutorial! 

What's not Included:

  • Minimal yoga equipment (you may need blocks, a couple of chairs, blanket or bolster)

  • Meals, food, or drinks

  • Only $98 AUD for unlimited access to all the classes (Valued over $400)

Note: We made a conscious effort to keep the price as low as possible as we want to support our community in those trying times and ensure this was accessible. (all teachers would usually respectively charge more for their workshops. We have estimated this day to be valued at over $400)

* Classes are PRE-RECORDED not live. 

Yoga in Park

Our Team

Amber Gouzy

Amber is your Retreat Captain!

A Frenchy settled in Australia; she has been on the beautiful (Re)Connection journey of her own through the conscious and playful practices of Acro Yoga and Tantra. 

Amber is the mother of and her vision is to help people truly disconnect from the rat race and reconnect with what is really important (love, yourself & others)

She also has many certifications including Acrovinyasa, Mindfulness and trained in the art of Tantra; She is thrilled to share the best of her experience and accompany you on this journey too!  





"I think it is a really good retreat to do for a couple, I came with my boyfriend and it was lovely to connect with each other"



Sneak Peek From our last weekend retreat - Feb 2021

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