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What is Acro Yoga?

Acro Yoga

The acrobatic yoga conditioning component of the retreat is a fun, active and social practice to do something outside of your comfort zone and build trust. 


Acro Yoga blends elements of yoga, acrobatics and healing (Thai massage).


In addition to the exercise and strength-building aspects of Acro Yoga, the partner-balancing component can improve concentration and can provide stress relief.



Classes incorporate pulling strength, pushing strength, core strength and active flexibility, and leaves you feeling balanced, with a happy core, and ready for any physical challenge.

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Are you new to Acro?
Or maybe you want to touch up on the foundations of the practice?

Come and learn how to Base, Fly and Spot, while we go through tips and tricks as well as the necessary building blocks to take your skills to the next level!

Workshop will cover alignment and technique while exploring a variety of foundational poses and transitions.

We will also explore trust exercises, communication, partner support and breathing.



No partner needed (we'll be working in small groups!).

No need to be flexible and no need to be able to do a handstand.

Just bring a smile and a sense of playfulness!

A lot of fun and laughter is promised.

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Acro Yoga combines acrobatics and yoga, to create a completely unique style of yoga, that requires a wonderful team work between the base, flyer and spotter.

It cultivates trust and communication, along with strength and flexibility, but most importantly, it is a lot of fun!

You don’t need to be a master gymnast, circus acrobat, or experienced yogi to enjoy Acro Yoga.

It's for everyone - and this workshop will teach you the foundations of the practice so you can feel confident and safe in your practice.

What is Tantra?


Tantra is not well understood in the western world, but is a key to healthy living and awareness that can transform you into the person you were meant to be! 



The Sanskrit word Tantra is related to the concept of weaving and expansion.


Tantra takes the approach that one should not only not reject the body and its desires, but actually embrace them on the road to enlightenment. 


Its practice allows a true connection of the body, mind and soul.

Having this connection of our heart and spirit within ourselves can make all the difference in intimacy, relationships, and throughout every moment of life. 


With our introductory workshops, you will begin the journey of learning how to get out of your head, connect to your body and awaken your senses.


You will learn how to become more aware of what is it that your body desires so you can start overcoming your psychological blocks to having better intimacy.

Classes are taught in a "lecture style" but incorporate breathing exercises, movements, personal reflections/ workshops as prompted (identifying your intimacy roadblocks), meditations and much more.

So nothing scary! Single and couples are welcome and all classes is fully clothed as the only practical exercises will be breathing techniques and meditations.
Safety and integrity are of the utmost importance to us!

Tantra is a 5,000-year-old practice that uses various mind-body-energy practices to solidify the connection and intimacy between partners which often leads to intense and transcendental orgasms.

Here’s how it is different than our modern model of relationship and intimacy.

1. While the modern model focuses solely on physical attraction and intimacy, the Tantra model emphasizes psychological and energetic bonding in addition to the physical.

2. The Tantra model is a way of merging between two souls with no goals, whereas the modern sex and relationships look for an outcome like climax or satisfaction.

3. Tantra considers the external reality to be a manifestation of your internal desires. A tantric relationship is a journey to your own soul and to the soul of your partner.

More importantly, Tantra’s capability to go beyond everything our past experiences, our society, our culture and our religions have conditioned us to believe sex and relationships to be.

The Course Integrates Mind, Body & Energy

The primary goal of Tantra is the unconditional merging of two partners. This workshop is not “how-to” manual.

It’s an initiation into the world of sensuality and sexual energy. It’s a journey to overcome some blocks you may have about sex and intimacy to ignite the sexual spark for deeper pleasure and ecstasy.

Some of the topics that will be covered and discussed in class will include

  • What is tantra and what is tantric sex?

  • How to deepen your senses and experience everything fully in life

  • Psychological intimacy roadblocks for men and women

  • Identifying your beliefs around sex

  • Balancing masculine and feminine energies

  • Learn all of the levels of intimacy

  • Discover a meditation for higher levels of intimacy

This workshop is about activating the powerful, sensual force within you that will allow you to create deeply intimate connections an overall fulfilling lifestyle, whilst delivered in a fun and playful way.

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