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Wellness Retreats
Mindfulness, Acroyoga Workshops & Team building


Why (Re)Connect is the getaway retreat you need

At (Re)Connect Retreats, we understand that living the busy city life, connected 24/7 can actually leave you feeling more disconnected that ever.


We organise retreats, workshops and events that are customised to help you reconnect with your body, your mind, nature and others.

By joining the blissful ancient practices of meditation and breathwork with newer age playful practices, we take you on a journey of self discovery.

Through combining movement and meaningful connections we awaken your senses allowing deeper and more fulfilled life - an unforgettable experience you’ll carry home with you.

We guarantee a blissful, and wild experience, sprinkled with lots of fun and laughter!

We are hosting relaxing retreats in idyllic locations;

With reconnecting practices and culturally infused adventures off the mat, we are certain that you will get an experience like no other.  

Our events are tailored for beginners, but suitable for all levels ; Everyone is welcome!

We also organise mindfulness, acro yoga, and team building workshops on demand as well as private classes. Contact us for more details.

Not familiar with Acro Yoga Or Tantra? Learn more on the link below!

Upcoming Events & Retreats


We are committed to keeping our community safe :)

* Fully Vaxed Teachers
* Easy rebook if you're sick or unwell on the day
* Small Groups

* Mask! (Depending on Health Orders)
* Hand sanitiser & gloves available
* Bring your own mat


Next Events

JUNE 5: Acroyoga Workshop

ONLINE: Lockdown Day Retreat (Mindfulness, Inversions, Bootcamp and more)


Our Team

Amber Gouzy

Amber is your Retreat Captain!

A Frenchy settled in Australia; she has been on the beautiful (Re)Connection journey of her own through the conscious and playful practices of Acro Yoga and Tantra. 

Amber is the mother of and her vision is to help people truly disconnect from the rat race and reconnect with what is really important (love, yourself & others)

She also has many certifications including Acrovinyasa, Mindfulness and trained in the art of Tantra; She is thrilled to share the best of her experience and accompany you on this journey too!  



Questions? Get In Touch

Our team is here for you!  Shoot us a message :)


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