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Wise, Wild & Free in blissful Bali

A fun active 5-day retreat to Recharge, Relax & Reboot Your Busy Life

OCT 31 - NOV 4
If you're a driven, young professional who's looking to destress, connect with like-minded people, and recharge your batteries with some exotic activity and sporting fun,

then join Amber Gouzy & Tim Villar for 5 days of rejuvenating relaxation and daring exploration in blissful Bali!

Hint: Think playful surfing and Acro yoga under the palm trees. We'll be waiting for you, fresh coconut in hand!
A Typical Day

As you awaken in your tropical Bali sanctuary, the sun is rising over a volcano on the horizon, and all you can hear is the sweet sound of the birds singing and playing above the infinity rice fields. Another day in paradise!

As the day begins, you feel the exotic pulse and uplifting energy of this legendary "island of the gods." During your savoury breakfast, you exult in its flavoursome food. On visits to the temples you immerse yourself in its grounding, omniscient spirituality

Later, you laugh with new friends as you enjoy a fresh coconut by the pool, sharing your wins and funny bloopers from the morning surf lesson. And then, still on a high from your first Acro Yoga workshop, you share your excitement and disbelief that you were able to achieve so much together, so quickly. But the time has come for your sensuous, well-deserved massage!

As the afternoon wears on, you take the opportunity to join the mindful Tantra circle, learning and discussing the art of connecting to yourself more deeply than never before.
And finally, gazing at the magnificent, pink-and-purple sunset just above the rice fields, you can hardly believe you’re here… dining under the Balinese stars!

Our Home.jpg

A Typical Day

Journey to ReConnect

Journey to ReConnect...


How great would it be to be able to maintain your busy and productive day to day whilst cultivating a healthy body, mind and lifestyle?

Pretty amazing right!
While we’re in Bali, with a wide range of both energy building and grounding movement practices, invigorating outdoor activities and a plethora of delicious vegan meals, you’ll reconnect with your body like never before!

In only a few days, you’ll feel re-energised and ready to reboot your life so you can keep being as busy and as productive as you like without having to worry about burning out!

How good would it be to be able to take time for yourself, whilst staying active and without missing out on all the fun?

Sure, you’ll get to chill on this retreat, maybe get the must do combo of an afternoon massage followed by a fresh coconut by the pool, but we will also “get physical” with a mix of fun sporting activities and culturally infused adventures, you will get to not only deeply de-stress but also be part of all the fun!

Helping you find your right balance so you never get FOMO ever again!


By the end of this retreat you will have found a new sense of excitement and connection with yourself and others, you will have acquired countless tools to nurture presence and grounding that will allow you to find better balance, increase focus, cultivate fun within yourself and feel more in tune in your everyday life.

We guarantee a blissful (and wild) experience, sprinkled with lots of fun and laughter that will recharge your batteries to the max! And… You might even learn to fly!

An unforgettable experience with like minded people that you’ll carry home with you.

Message from your Hosts

A Message from your hosts Amber & Tim

Our Home

Our Home

For most of us, the mere mention of Bali evokes thoughts of a paradise, putting you instantly in a tropical mood
And whether you’re a Bali aficionado or new to the island of gods, we’ve picked a spot that we know will leave you speechless.

Stretching between Kerobokan and Echo Beach, you may have heard of cool Canggu (the 'Gu'); full of surf ready waves, hipsters and beach babes. It's where rice field vistas meet volcanic black sand beaches.

More than just a “fun in the sun” type of city, it has this true Bali essence that is hard to describe but you can only feel once you get immersed in it. Canggu encapsulates it all in an irresistible package!

We picked a space located just outside the city, out of the hype, in a laidback area streaked by green rice fields that will offer the perfect sanctuary for us to relax.

Las_Salinas bathroom.jpg

Upon entering the gates, you cannot help being captured by a feeling of serenity.

Our 2 villas are entirely designed in white boho Ibiza style.

Nested in a spacious private garden, including a pools and sun decks ideal for yoga; the villas have an open panoramic views of rice fields next door with Agung Volcano (highest volcano in Bali 3031 m) in the horizon inviting you to explore the beautiful and magical island of Bali from your balcony

Welcome to your little piece of paradise.

The Food

We believe that food is a sensory experience made to be enjoyed like no other. This is why we recruited the Chefs from acclaimed Canggu cafe “Living Food Lab” to craft a healthy plant-based, organic and locally sourced menu that will awaken your tastebuds, nourish your body, and boost your gut health;

Our chef is just well versed into creating beautiful and nutritious vegan food inspired by the rich flavours of Bali. Imagine literally eating a healthy rainbow... Think dragonfruit pink smoothie bowls, Mushroom satay with peanut sauce, Lemongrass Sambal matah or raw vegan chocolate mousse to name just a few of the exciting dishes on our menu.

Thanks to carefully designed dishes including all the nutrients and enzymes necessary to restore and re-energize your digestive system,
our chef will ensure that we are nourished well and glowing with happiness from the inside and out!



  • Acro Yoga workshops: Learn the playful, empowering, trust building acro yoga (partner yoga) practice, connect and work with a team like never before! We will teach you the foundations and explore all aspects of partner yoga, standing counter balances, inversions and partner therapeutics in a fun and safe way. Suitable for beginner and we will adapt to the level of the class.

  • Morning mindfulness practice: Our morning routine will teach you how to prime yourself for the day, build energy that you will be carrying all day long through Qui Gong movements, fire breaths and meditation methods

  • Private surf lessons: Surfing is a great way to find balance and resilience when life throws you out of it - Never tried? Or Already tubbing? No worries, everyone will have their own local coach that will help reach new heights

  • Local adventure day: Soul exploration as we immerse into the Bali culture, we will start the day being taken back by the beauty of mother nature, bathing in one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali, to then go inwards and visit a traditional purification water temple, you will have the option to follow us into a water purification meditation, we will finish our day with a little bit of adventure, leaning into and breaking free from fear by stopping by one of the iconic Bali swings near Ubud!

  • 1x traditional Balinese massage: Our retreat is active and we are all about finding balance and connecting to the body, so we wanted to throw in a little self-love time.

  • Local Volunteering: Beach Clean -up: We will get the opportunity to serve, give back and connect with the local community and kids by helping them clear plastic that washes away on the beautiful coast of Bali every day.

  • Bonus - Optional and Included Intro to Tantra workshops: Choose to join us in the evening on an introduction talk on the sacred art of tantra. This is a purely personal journey and there is no hands-on exercises or nudity, it will be a mix of a teaching session as well as a sharing/ reflection circle. However we will be talking and workshopping around intimacy, reflecting on our own roadblocks to intimacy, and tools to help achieve better intimacy within ourselves (that can also be applied to intimacy with a partner). As well as unfiltered chats around on topics such as the masculine and feminine energies, orgasm and what does in mean in a tantric way for both men and women. We will introduce some breathing exercises that you’ll be able to take home that will help you achieve better intimacy and awaken your senses.

  • Bonus - Optional and Included Morning bootcamp: If you feel like you want to go that little extra 10% active, we invite you to join our 30min HIIT training style bootcamp in the morning after our priming meditation to further get rid of those toxins that we accumulated in our body and sweat it out!

What's Included:
  • 3 Foundational Acro Yoga Workshops for beginners with Amber and Tim (3 hours ea.)

  • 2 Exciting Surf Lessons with a personal coach (2 hours ea.)

  • Full Adventure day with tour guide and entrance fee to enchanting Tudak Cepung Waterfall, spiritual Tirta Empul temple and accelerating Ubud Swings

  • 4 Nights at our luxury villa accomodation

  • 4 delicious and colourful breakfasts 

  • 4 Nourishing lunches

  • 3 energising snacks

  • 3 wholesome dinners

  • 1 traditional Balinese massage at the Villa (1 hour)

  • 2 bonus (optional) Sassy Tantra Workshops

  • 3 bonus (optional) Morning HIIT Bootcamp (30 min ea.)

  • There will be two airport pickups on day 1 and two airport drop off’s on day 5 included (if you arrive at an odd time we can arrange pickup at an extra charge).

What's not Included:
  • Your round-trip airfare from home to Bali

  • Farewell dinner night out isn't included (Last Night out)

  • Airport transfers at other times than the ones indicated

  • BYO alcoholic drinks, extra spa services, extra taxis, laundry.

  • Activity upgrades on our adventure exploration day

  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance

  • Double Room or Twin Share with ensuite USD $1495

  • Single private double room USD $1995

Payment Plan Available! (Ask us for instalment plans)



Our Team

Amber Gouzy

Amber is your Retreat Captain!

A Frenchy settled in Australia; she has been on the beautiful (Re)Connection journey of her own through the conscious and playful practices of Acro Yoga and Tantra. 

Amber is the mother of and her vision is to help people truly disconnect from the rat race and reconnect with what is really important (love, yourself & others)

She also has many certifications including Acrovinyasa, Mindfulness and trained in the art of Tantra; She is thrilled to share the best of her experience and accompany you on this journey too!  





"I think it is a really good retreat to do for a couple, I came with my boyfriend and it was lovely to connect with each other"



From our last weekend retreat in the Blue Mountains of  Sydney

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